Project Progress Management App


Change the way you manage the project lifecycle to maximize efficiency, adapt quickly to changes, and increase profits.


Digitization of Project Execution, in Fewer Clicks.


Project Progress Management app is designed to give clear visibility to projects. Whether your organization is managing large, complex mega projects or small to midsize work items, ease of use has always been a challenging aspect for the users. Our PPM App empowers your project management team with the ability to conveniently manage the execution of the critical tasks whether working from the office or out in the field using a mobile phone or tablet.

  • Based on SAP Fiori Design Principles and SAPUI5 technology

  • On-premise or cloud deployment

  • Seamless integration with backend SAP Project Systems, Finance and Controlling, and Time Management

  • Personalized and optimized user experience


Realtime Access to Key Project Data, Anytime, Anywhere.


Increase your profits with better project insights

With the Project Progress Management App, you can load entire project or its segments to view planned, forecast, and actual production figures for a user defined time window. Know where your project is going with real-time actuals received from the field. Compare actuals with the forecast and historical trends to streamline the project execution. Search criteria offers configurable filters per your specific project needs to quickly find the relevant segments for review and updates. Advanced search functionality lets you build your own filters based on your installation-specific UDFs (user defined fields).

Manage Data Anyway, Anytime, Anywhere.

The solution offers both positive and negative data postings for multiple parameters and perform mass-postings in just a few simple steps. Flexible data entry feature by day, period, cumulative total or cumulative percentage complete. Highly configurable features offer visibility to historical postings, various KPIs to reflect time-period dependent progress, audit trail of actual production figures postings.

Seamless Integration with SAP Project Systems

Optimized to load very large projects with thousands of records to quickly find info you need. It supports authorization-dependent access for different business roles — all fully configurable.


Use real-time progress updates from the field to resolve issues quickly, reduce risks, and keep projects on track.


Key Features

Based on SAP Fiori Design Principles, the app offers personalized and optimized user experience enabling you to conveniently manage your work from anywhere — through a desktop or out in the in the field using a phone or tablet.


Personalize the app to speed up the work by setting favorites, default input values & data filters, and preferred screen settings.


Device agnostic - run it on mobile, tablet, or desktop. App automatically adapts to the device form factor.


Advanced search feature lets you quickly find the information that you are looking for. 


Essential info is always just a few pixels away — no need to run multiple transactions or open additional windows.


Guided procedures enables you to perform the operation in just a few simple steps — eliminating the paperwork and process delays.


Share a link to a screen or document with other users or create variants of a tile for quick access to a screen or document.



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Gold Award

SAP Quality Award, 2013-14

Silver Award

SAP Quality Award, 2013-14

Best App Award

SAP Innovation Challenge for Manufacturing Apps, 2012


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