Change the way you plan and capture the field data to maximize productivity, improve visibility, and increase profits.


Change how you capture field data in a big way.


FieldPlex enables enterprises to gain visibility and improve productivity across the project lifecycle. Whether installing or maintaining an equipment or executing a large scale project (manufacturing turnaround management, construction, oil and gas exploration), the solution empowers field workforce with everything they need to efficiently execute work, capture and quickly post higher quality data by eliminating manual, paper-based, and error-prone processes.

  • Based on SAP Fiori Design Principles and SAPUI5 technology

  • On-premise or cloud deployment

  • Seamless integration with backend SAP Business Suite

  • Personalized and optimized user experience


Enable timely availability of job costing data


Crew Management

FieldPlex simplifies the planning of work and the needed resources for uninterrupted and timely execution of crew activities in the field. It allows you to completely control the timesheet process flow — from timesheet reviews and approvals to access controls and activity type shortlists that assist and drive the operations the foreperson performs while capturing the timesheets while in the field.

Capture Timesheets

FieldPlex eliminates the time-consuming paper-based processes and enables forepersons to easily capture resource utilization and installed quantities directly from a mobile device. Smart lookups ensure resource times are coded to right attendance and activity types. The foreperson can save the timesheet as a draft or post it for review and follow-on processing. Based on the crew settings, the app prompts the foreperson to fill-out end of the shift safety questionnaire — any alerts are instantly notified to the safety supervisor.

Review & Approve Timesheets

Flexible review & approval workflows enable the managers to use the up-to-date information from the field to quickly make approval decisions for the work performed by the crews. Managers can approve or reject a complete timesheet or partially by segment — labor hours, equipment hours, and production progress. Instant notifications keeps approvers informed of any pending timesheets to ensure timely processing of job costing and payrolls.

Monitor Timesheets

The monitor timesheets app enables project coordinators to track timesheets across crews as they go through the capture, review, and approval stages and until they are finally posted into backend SAP.


Streamline process across the organization


Key Features

Based on SAP Fiori Design Principles, the app offers personalized and optimized user experience enabling you to conveniently manage your work from anywhere — through a desktop or out in the in the field using a phone or tablet.


Personalize the app to speed up the work by setting favorites, default input values & data filters, and preferred screen settings.


Device agnostic - run it on mobile, tablet, or desktop. App automatically adapts to the device form factor.


Advanced search feature lets you quickly find the information that you are looking for. 


Essential info is always just a few pixels away — no need to run multiple transactions or open additional windows.


Guided procedures enables you to perform the operation in just a few simple steps — eliminating the paperwork and process delays.


Share a link to a screen or document with other users or create variants of a tile for quick access to a screen or document.



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Gold Award

SAP Quality Award, 2013-14

Silver Award

SAP Quality Award, 2013-14

Best App Award

SAP Innovation Challenge for Manufacturing Apps, 2012


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